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Pianist, arranger, composer. Born: UK. Living: elsewhere. Martin has played with numerous funk and rock outfits in London throughout the 80s. Now active composing for TV, theatre and a jazz project.

There's not much more you need to know.

July 04. The series "Code Lyoko" is now available from Amazon France and Amazon US (release in September). The second series is under way, with music by myself and Serge Tavitian.

Dec 04 - The video "La Lune" with images by Jacques Vandermissen is now available from the Danielle Arnaud gallery in London. It originally played as part of the "Sense and Nonsense" exhibition. For details, visit Danielle Arnaud.

Aug. 04 - Been doing some production work on a project called Kenka, an interesting mix of African, pop and electronic influences.

March 04 Just finished the "sound design" (for want of a better word) for Annick Ghijzelings' new short: "Matin calme". More details will follow.

Feb. 04 - "Code Lyoko" is being shown again in France, with plans for North America. It's also available for sale at Amazon in France. Work is also progressing on a second short film with director Annick Ghijzelings, following the success of "Le jardin".

Nov. 03 - Work on TV cartoon series "Code Lyoko" is proceeding. It's interesing as the 26-part series is being shown on French TV while Martin and his partner Serge Tavitian are working on later episodes.

Oct. 03 - After a highly-rated collaboration with dancer/choreographer Claire O'Neill on "Nowhere", Martin is working closely with her on the new project that will premiere in December.

Sept. 03 - The Danielle Arnaud gallery in London is hosting an art show called "Sense and Nonsense". Martin is represented through an installation called "La Lune", with visuals by Jacques Vandermissen. Other artists include Gerry Smith, David Robilliard and Marcel Broodthaers. For a glimpse, check the Danielle Arnaud site. 

July 03 - The on-off jazz project has been very much on again, with a selection of musicians laying down tracks.

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To find out more about Herman Martin and check his showreel, contact Michael Leahy on +322/644 02 30.

E-mail: writestuff @ chello.be (replace the spaces to send a message).

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